Are you psyched to work at the coolest new studio in town?
You can't won't stop. You have that "x-factor" that excites and inspires people. You love to sweat and you believe every day is an opportunity to work hard and play hard.

studio//POP// is Tulsa's coolest and most innovative new studio.  
We're looking for people like you to teach our rhythm-based cycling classes and vinyasa flow yoga classes.
For cyclists, prior experience teaching group fitness is a plus, but not a must. All instructors who join the team will be certified by a Schwinn Master Teacher and trained in teaching using the Performance IQ system.
Yoga teachers- you gotta have your 200-hour certification.
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(Cycle teacher wanna-be's - don't worry if you don't have much teaching experience yet. We're looking for people who fit our vision and culture. If you're fit and you fit our culture we will train you!)

Tell us about your fitness and/or yoga experience. *

Teaching, learning,'s all experience. Don't be shy.
Do you have any certifications? Tell us about them here!

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This is your chance to wow us. Don't waste it!
All the stars align and the class you're teaching is PERFECT...what does that look like? *

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Who can vouch for you as an all-around cool, fit, friendly and responsible person? *

We'll contact them, so please give us their name, phone number and how you know them. Two is enough!
Thank you! Watch your email for follow up!
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